Friday, January 16, 2015

Suzanne Warner Company's story:
I work for a not for profit agency that provides services and supports to people with disabilities. I often hear how damaging it is in their lives when services are being reduced to save the state money. Thank you for restoring dental care for adults. There are many services that are under funded and cause agencies like ours to have to watch every penny. This often means that staff volunteer for fundraisers or do not get paid a wage that allows them to sustain their lives without a second or third job.
I have family members that have disabilities also and funding has not been there to support their needs. Do not allow services to continue on this path of cuts due to lack of funding, or a valuable group of people will be tragically be lost and forgotten. The people I work with hold jobs and are tax payers. They vote and contribute to our community everyday.

Suzanne Warner Company, Ukiah CA
Community service provider